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Play Flash3DX

Play Flash3DX
Flash3DX is a 3D tetris flash game in flash.

The object of the game is to manipulate pieces, by moving each one sideways and rotating it by 90 degree units, with the aim of creating a horizontal line of blocks without gaps.

When such a line is created, it disappears, and the blocks above (if any) fall.

The bricks get down automatically at a slow speed at the beginning (1st level).
At each level, the speed increases, which seriously complicates the situation.

You can move each brick by using the keyboard cursors
(left-right for lateral moves, top to rotate brick, and to accelerate the descent). You can also use the space bar to dump the brick :

The goal is to establish complete lines as shown below :
(1 lines = 5 points, 2 lines = 15 points, 3 lines = 30 points, 4 lines = 50 points)

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