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Play Flash4X

Play Flash4X
Flash4X is a shoot'em up arcade flash game.

You control a space ship, and fights against a large numbers of enemies.

To get bonuses (the blue ones), you have to kill all enemies of the same attack.

If you just use the same number of ammos as the number of ennemies, you get an extra blue bonus.

If you miss an ennemy, you should avoid the red bubbles.

Good luck !

You can move the ship in all directions by using the arrow keys :

Use the space bar to fire (Warning : your ammunition is limited).
In the example below, you should avoid the red 10 points penalty :

If you destroy all vessels during an enemy attack,
a blue bonus will be available as below (10 points).
If you miss one vessel or more, a red penalty will come :

If you are able to use exactly the number of ammo needed
to remove all vessels during an attack,
a super-bonus will be offered (100 points in our example) :

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