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Play Flash4Z

Play Flash4Z
Flash4Z is a puzzle flash game.

The aim is to get 3 green box at each level : the first one is archieved when the number of cubes left is less than indicated, the second one is the number of combo of X cubes you've done (1 combo =at least X number of cubes eliminated in one shoot), and the last one is the number of columns which should left.

There are 10 levels, good luck !

Click on a brick :

You can see that all the adjacent bricks (horizontally and vertically) disappear:

You also notice that all the bricks that were located above collapse by a gravity effect

"COMBO" are a number of brick that have to disappear in one fell swoop, here it is a COMBO of 8.
A COMBO is validated if at least the number of brick needed is reached.
Here a COMBO of 8 or less would be validated :

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