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Play Flash Jugg

Play Flash Jugg
Flash Jugg is a football juggling flash game.

The aim is very simple : the ball should stay in the air, by kicking it with the mouse cursor.

You can get special bonuses if you make a round with the mouse cursor arround the ball.

With 2 rounds, it's the Ronaldinho bonuses !

Move the mouse cursor to the ball to make it bounce,
And continue to juggle with the ball :

You can rotate clockwise around the ball (as in the example below):

You will get 2 bonus points (Same bonus with the counter-clockwise rotation) :

More difficult and more risky, you can also perform a double rotation in clockwise around the ball :

You will get 15 points more :

The possible combinations :

Rotation: +2 pts
2 clockwise rotations : +5 pts
3 clockwise rotations : +15 pts
A clockwise rotation, and then counter-clockwise rotation : +10 pts

A double rotation: +15 pts
2 double clockwise rotations : +50 pts
3 double clockwise rotations : +150 pts

A double clockwise rotation, then a double counter-clockwise rotation : +100 pts
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