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Play flashXagon

Play flashXagon
FlashXagon is an Othello clone puzzle flash game.

Click on the piece that you want to move, the game will show the possibilities by delineating the adjacent free hexagons.

It is time to think a strategy to conquer space.

When the piece is moved to an adjacent hexagon, it will be duplicated.

When it jumps to a secondary hexagon, a single piece is preserved.

Both players make moves with the object to convert as many balls of the opponent into his as possible.

Player with the most number of balls wins the game.

Click on a pawn green as shown in the example below,
Then you see deploy 3 green boxes, and 5 others darker green boxes :

The first choice is to click on an adjacent green box
In this case, your pawn becomes two pawns like the example below (the opponent have done the same):

After clicking on the new pawn (example below), new boxes appear.
You can then choose to click on a non-adjacent box (one darker green box) :

In this case, your pawn moves (it does not duplicate itself) :

The moved pawn is now in contact with a red pawn
This red pawn is won, and turns green :

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