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Play Tetrix7

Play Tetrix7
Tetrix7 is a flash game project of a tetris game with new 7 pieces.

You always have to create horizontal lines of blocks without gaps.

But now, with this addition of 7 new pieces, it's really harder ! Good luck with this other version of the all-time classic.

The bricks get down automatically at a slow speed at the beginning (1st level).
At each level, the speed increases, which seriously complicates the situation.

You can move each brick by using the keyboard cursors
(left-right for lateral moves, top to rotate brick, and to accelerate the descent).

The goal is to establish complete lines as shown below :
(1 lines = 10 points, 2 lines = 40 points, 3 lines = 80 points, 4 lines = 160 points)

The future piece that will appear is shown in a frame in the upper right corner :

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