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Play Ulines

Play Ulines
Ulines is a puzzle flash game.

To play, select any ball on the field and move it to any free cell.

If your move results in a new horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 5 or more balls of the same color, the balls disappear and you get prize points and one more move.

If not, the progam makes it's own move and adds three new balls to the field.

To move a ball, click on it, and then click the destination free cell.

The ball will move itself to a destination cell, if there is a free way to it.

The game finishes when there is no free cells on the field.

To change the selected ball, click on another one.

Click on a ball :

By moving the mouse cursor, you can notice that a path appears in gray.
These are all the possible ways that you can borrow.
In our example, we click on the second white ball :

After each trip, 3 new balls appear.
We choose to select the new white to align with the 2 previous :

Same approach that previously for the move :

After few moves, you align 5 white balls.
This 5 aligned white balls then disappear (you score 5 points).
In this case, no new ball will be added on the table :

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